Jean Pascal vs. Sergey Kovalev

This fight is intriguing not just because it is between two of the top 3 light heavyweights in the world, or even because of the matchup itself. Those questions are numerous, however. Can Kovalev handle a fighter with Pascal’s offensive boxing skills? Can Pascal’s iron chin remain un-crunched by Kovalev’s power? how much did either man learn from the Hopkins fights? This is also special but because of what it sets up. If Pascal wins, he is the man at 175lbs, and living in the same town as the champ there. The Pascal-Stevenson matchup would be huge in Montreal, and beyond. If Kovalev wins, Stevenson’s his fans will have seen the Krusher twice, and the build up for that fight will be just as big. I see a repeat of Kovalev-Hopkins, where Pascal goes into survival mode early. Kovalev by wide UD, that may be scored closer than it should be.


Keith Thurman vs. Robert Guerrero
Thurman is a brutal puncher, and Guerrero is iron chinned. However, Thurman has shown the necessary mettle to go the distance, and Guerrero’s powers of adjustment are not what they once were. Add to that, Guerrero has not exactly been active since his loss to Mayweather, and was handed the perfect foil the last time out. I think we are looking at a repeat of Khan vs. Alexander. Thurman by wide UD.


Adrien Broner vs. John Molina
This looks like a risky fight for Broner, and with Molina’s heart and chin, any fight is. however, style wise, he is just the squared up, flat footed brawler that Broner needs. This fight offers him a chance to prove he has overcome the style problem of Maidana, without taking on the risk of Maidana’s strength. I like Molina to provide some tense moments, but Broner will gradually chop him down. Broner by UD or late TKO.


Steve Cunningham vs. Vyacheslav Glaskov
If you look at common opponents, one must still look deeper. Tomasz Adamek struggled with both, but has two close wins (one lousy) over Cunningham, with a loss to Glaskov. Style-wise, however, maybe Cunningham has the upper hand. There is the x factor that should help. Cunningham’s daughter is now doing better, after her heart transplant, therefore the desire that made him get off the canvas to defeat Amir Mansour may not be there. Without that, we have a guy who has struggled to win, against a young hungry contender. Glaskov will be smart, however, and time Cunningham, which will allow USS to last the distance. Glaskov by UD

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