UFC Fight Night 47: Magic In Maine

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The cappo de tutti cappi of the UFC, Dana White, loves to vacation in the sleepy state of Maine. He has a house in the hippest city there, Bangor, which was featured in Anthony Bourdain’s show “No Resvervations” On Saturday August 16th, he gave those yankneck’s ( redneck Yankees) the thrill of their year and brought the number 1 MMA organization to entertain the town. Dana even went on the record and said it wasn’t a financial decision, it was for the area.

The fights, aside from the main event, were all finishes by strikes and fans globally were entertained thoroughly. The stand out fight of the night was 10th planet protégée Alan Jouban (10p4L) versus Seth Baczynski. The two fearlessly exchanged blows in back and forth exchanges that delighted the audiences watching. Jouban recovered from a flash knock down to KO Seth & earn both a performance of the night bonus as well as the fight of the night bonus for a cool extra 100k for his thrilling bout. At 10 -2, look for Jouban to continue to perform at a high level in the UFC welterweight division.


Another performance of the night winner was the barbarian Tim Boestch. After being on the receiving end of a domination in the 1st round by Hawaii native Brad Tavares, Boestch did what he does best; come back and knock out his formerly dominating opponent in spectacular fashion. Yet another highlight KO for the monstrous 185er.

What was the most disappointing match up in the main event that night was watching the main event. Ryan Bader used his dominant wrestling skills to subdue the scarily strong Ovince St. Preux into a boring 5 round decision victory. Bader’s Ground & pound wasn’t damaging OSP & he never looked to submit OSP either, preferring to play the top position into a unanimous decision.

Overall the card delivered big time, despite the anti climatic main event. Dana definitely delivered the goods to the quiet corner of the USA. One can assume this will be the talk of Maine for years to come.


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