PDS Fantasy Baseball: Powerful SP tiers & notes

Wooooooooooooo! Its Baseball time Bitches! It’s time for Punch Drunk Fantasy’s #POWERFUL Starting Pitcher tiers to help you overcome whatever #JewMagic stands between you and fantasy baseball glory!! Fresh off a great #PDSFootball season we are jumping into the long haul that is #PDSBaseball. We’ve shed the Mexican dead weight (Rene) from the bottom of the

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Sports Equipment on White

Year-Round PDS Fantasy Leagues

Join our Punch Drunk Sports yearly fantasy leagues…  The action never stops in these groups   Fantasy UFC Pick fighters from each UFC Card Fantasy UFC   UBER Challenge Teeb dubbed it the “Fantasy-Fantasy” League.  If you play in our leagues on ESPN your halfway there, just register!  Uber Challenge keeps a point total for players

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