Party Like Its 1985

The Kansas City Royals haven’t lost a playoff game since 1985! And now they’re in the Fall Classic after trumping all challengers in the American League. The Royals are your proud winners of the 2014 American League Championship Series, AKA the AL pennant. They took the series by sweeping the Baltimore Orioles the same way

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Big Daddy Cain

box The Orioles went with the black jerseys in game 1 and tried the orange ones for game 2 but the two biggest games at Camden Yards in over 17 years would play out in very similar fashion- Lorenzo Cain would keep getting hits, the Orioles starter wouldn’t work very deep into the game, the O’s bullpen would give

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Royals ALCS

Just Like Back in the Day

If you’re not paying attention then you might think its the Dodgers and Giants going at it for a shot at the World Series (and still could in the NL!). But playing in this year’s American League Championship Series, those uniforms will actually belong to that of the Kansas City Royals and Baltimore Orioles. That’s right- Kansas

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St. Louis Cardinals v Milwaukee Brewers

MLB Race to the Postseason

It’s September bitches! That means the dog days are behind us, rosters have expanded, everyone that is down to ride for a playoff run is already in uniform, and we are almost rid of lame ass Bud Selig. As the season winds down like Ari’s peyos, Punch Drunk is going to take a look at the pennant races in each divison for

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Moneyballs Out

The 2014 MLB non-waiver trade deadline had a common theme. Mainly, that the Oakland Athletics are not fucking around. A few of weeks before the deadline they made a splash by trading two highly touted prospects to the Second City’s favorite shit show- Chicago Cubs, for pitchers Josh Hammel and Jeff (by a vowel) Samardzija.

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