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Ronda Rousey is the Baddest Chick on the Planet

14 seconds!  Are you kidding me?  The baddest chick on the planet defended her UFC Women’s Bantamweight belt in spectacular fashion Saturday night.  “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey won by straight arm bar in 14 seconds over Cat Zingano in front of 17,000+ in attendance at the Staples Center.  The crowd cheered like a Laker playoff games as Rousey moved to 11-0 in her career and it looks like she’s already cleaned out the division.  Of the top 5 ranked fighters, she’s beat ever
yone but Miesha Tate inside of the first round, and she’s beat Tate twice.  She’s fought 5 fights in the UFC with a total ring time of 17:23; that’s 3.5 rounds.  Nobody wins like her.  She’s the most dominant athlete, not just in female sports, not just in combat sports, but arousey fightsll of sports.   

Joe Rogan said after the fight that he doesn’t see anyone left in the division that can challenge her.  “It’s almost like she’s a professional and she’s fighting beginners, like everyone else doesn’t know the dance yet.  This is fun time for.  This is where all that hard work pays off and every time she’s been in here it’s just glory glory glory, and tonight it was even quicker.”  He even said on the Dan Le Batard Show that she could beat half of the UFC’s Bantamweight roster.  This wasn’t some feminist non-sense statement, he really believes that she could beat men. 

What separates Rousey from the competition?  She does more media than anyone in the UFC and still has the energy to train her ass off.  Her arm bar technique is possibly the greatest weapon in sports.  It rivals in dominance with the likes of Kareem’s skyhook or Mayweather’s Michigan shell.  She moves with the grace of a dancer, fights with the precision of a sniper and the ferocity of tiger.  She has the intensity of Michael Jordan, her technique is impeccable, and she’s beautiful!  I’ll say it, there won’t be another chick that is this fucking hot and can beat the living shit out of you.

Has there ever been anything like her?  She’s already on the Mount Rushmore of women athletes, joining the likes of Mia Hamm, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, and Serena Williams.  She walks out to Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation” with a fierce mean face and she convinced Dana White that women belong in the UFC.  She’s the face of the fastest growing sports organization in the world.  She’s a movie star, magazine cover model, olympic medalist, world champion, ESPY Female Athlete of the Year, role model, icon and UFC Champion.  She’s already a living legend at the age of 28.

What’s left for her?  The only test for her could be cyborgCris “Cyborg” Justino.  Cyborg beat the shit out of Charmaine Tweet (shocker, she’s a white chick) Friday night for the Invicta Women’s Featherweight championship.  The UFC doesn’t have a 145 division for women right now, so can she make the cut from 145 to 135?  UFC President Dana White has stated that he doesn’t think she could.  The “chick” is shredded and pretty jacked and there have been previous concerns coming from her camp.  Rousey called out Bethe Correia and showed interest in testing herself against former boxing champion and UFC newcomer Holly Holm.  Another possibility is another rematch with Miesha Tate. 

The next test for Rousey will have to wait as she will be taking a brief fighting hiatus to shoot a movie.  She’ll be in the upcoming Fast and Furious and Entourage movies and is set for her first starring role in ‘Mile 22’.  Let’s hope these movies bomb so we can see more of what she does best, beat the shit out of chicks while looking good. 

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