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Braves player has chicken bone removed from throat at hospital, misses game

PITTSBURGH – Baseball players choke all the time. Blowing saves, whiffing and flailing at wild pitches, dropping pop ups — it happens.

Atlanta Braves shortstop Erick Aybar choked in the more traditional sense today, when he was scratched from a game against the Pittsburgh Pirates to have a chicken bone removed from his throat, according to Mark Bowman of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

From the Dominican Republic, Aybar’s condition was so serious he had to be taken to a local hospital and sedated, reports said.

“He looked O.K. when he left, but he wasn’t speaking real well,” Brave manager Brian Snitker told Bowman. “Let’s just hope everything works out alright.”

Sure to be the the subject of morning radio jokes tomorrow, Aybar was only batting .174, so the last place Braves aren’t exactly losing a slugger.

Get well soon, Erick — and maybe stick to boneless wings for a few weeks, OK?

Update: Aybar was back at the stadium Thursday night, and Bradley tweets that the bone was already dislodged when the doctors attempted to remove it.


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