Bill Maher calls Colin Kaepernick an ‘idiot’: ‘Stick to what you know’

HBO host Bill Maher called Colin Kaepernick an “idiot” Wednesday morning, saying the San Francisco 49ers quarterback should stick to football. “#colinkapernick is an idiot,” the comedian tweeted to his 5.24 million followers, misspelling the quarterback’s last name. “I support his protest, but stick to what u know: kneeling and interceptions, and then look up

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Rob Reynolds’ big NFL rant

Starting Thursday a significant portion of the male population of “red blooded ‘Mericans” will be cheering for dudes in colored jerseys to concuss the other dudes in different colored jerseys for the next seventeen Sundays. Yes, the NFL is back. Along with screaming for the non-descript violence, wings will be destroyed, alcohol will be abused, balls

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