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Year-Round PDS Fantasy Leagues

Join our Punch Drunk Sports yearly fantasy leagues…  The action never stops in these groups   Fantasy UFC Pick fighters from each UFC Card Fantasy UFC   UBER Challenge Teeb dubbed it the “Fantasy-Fantasy” League.  If you play in our leagues on ESPN your halfway there, just register!  Uber Challenge keeps a point total for players

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Cut the Crap Cooperstown

The 2015 BWAA Hall of Fame voting results were announced last week.  First time nominees Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, and John Smoltz were joined by Craig Biggio on his 3rd attempt, were elected into Cooperstown.  All 4 deservedly made it, the weak link being Biggio, who has the key 3,000 hit milestone that all non-power

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Hanley Ramirez

MLB Offseason Review

With pitchers and catchers reporting in mid-February, the MLB offseason (or more commonly known as football season) is winding down.  There are still 2 top of the rotation pitcher left in Max Scherzer and James Shields left, but the majority of the top free agents have already signed.  Lets take a look at the top stories

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Party Like Its 1985

The Kansas City Royals haven’t lost a playoff game since 1985! And now they’re in the Fall Classic after trumping all challengers in the American League. The Royals are your proud winners of the 2014 American League Championship Series, AKA the AL pennant. They took the series by sweeping the Baltimore Orioles the same way

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Home Wong

box Game 2 was an instant classic and another dramatic ending to a playoff baseball game this October. The National League Championship Series is tied, 1 – 1 Kolten Wong probably felt like a dumb ass when he was picked off at first base to end Game 4 of last year’s World Series. He probably

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Big Daddy Cain

box The Orioles went with the black jerseys in game 1 and tried the orange ones for game 2 but the two biggest games at Camden Yards in over 17 years would play out in very similar fashion- Lorenzo Cain would keep getting hits, the Orioles starter wouldn’t work very deep into the game, the O’s bullpen would give

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A Pennant to Play For

The National League Championship Series has included either the San Francisco Giants or St. Louis Cardinals (or both) no less than 10 times since the year 2000, including the games being played this week. The Giants are in the NLCS for the 3rd time in five years. The Cardinals are in the NLCS for the 4th straight

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Royals ALCS

Just Like Back in the Day

If you’re not paying attention then you might think its the Dodgers and Giants going at it for a shot at the World Series (and still could in the NL!). But playing in this year’s American League Championship Series, those uniforms will actually belong to that of the Kansas City Royals and Baltimore Orioles. That’s right- Kansas

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