Bill Maher calls Colin Kaepernick an ‘idiot’: ‘Stick to what you know’

HBO host Bill Maher called Colin Kaepernick an “idiot” Wednesday morning, saying the San Francisco 49ers quarterback should stick to football. “#colinkapernick is an idiot,” the comedian tweeted to his 5.24 million followers, misspelling the quarterback’s last name. “I support his protest, but stick to what u know: kneeling and interceptions, and then look up

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7 times Donald Trump was compared to Hitler

What does the lead singer of Green Day have in common with former New Jersey Gov. Christie Whitman? They’ve both likened Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. Billie Joe Armstrong, the frontman of the veteran pop-punk band Green Day, this week became the latest public figure to compare Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, to the…

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Johnny Manziel needs a roommate

Johnny Manziel is having some trouble finding a roommate. Not long ago Manziel was taped outside of “The Nice Guy” nightclub in Los Angeles where he claimed that he was living with Broncos defensive end and fellow Texas A&M alumni Von Miller. Not long after this video went viral, Von Miller came out and denied the claims. However,

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Check out Punch Drunk on Apple News!

Hey podcast fans, we’re working hard to improve the Punch Drunk Sports website experience, with more and better sports and comedy stories from our team of contributors. If you’re an iPhone or iPad user you can help us by favoriting our channel inside the Apple News app. Once you do you’ll receive new Punch Drunk content

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Hoverboard (PRNewsFoto/Hoverboard Technologies)

“Hoverboard” claims to deliver on the promise of ‘Back to the Future II’

Another hoverboard product video is making the rounds, only this time the product might actually make it to market. While the name lacks originality and is technically a misnomer, the “Hoverboard” looks as though it will kick ass. Called a “personal electric vehicle” by its creators, the product’s Kickstarter kicks off September 17 and ends October 21, the

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