The 4 hottest seats in NFL coaching

It is nearing the end of the NFL season and there are some coaches that are in need of a swift firing. These coaches could use a change of scenery.
Jim Caldwell – Detroit – Record 4-9
Well Jimmy, it hasn’t been good. You took a team with good talent and did nothing with it. You have brought back the era when it wasn’t cool to be a Lions fan. You actually found a way to make the laughing stock of professional sports even more laughable. If it wasn’t already bad enough that your team had only won four games, you found a way to make it even worse when your team blew a 20 point lead against your division rivals, the Green Bay Packers. Your defense gave up a 60-plus yard hail mary and basically put it in stone that this would be your final year of coaching an NFL team. Hopefully you made some friends in the front office so you can get a job in the ticket booth.
Mike McCoy – San Diego – Record 3-10
Do you hear that sound? It’s the sound of San Diego burning Qualcomm Stadium to the ground while Mike McCoy runs out of town. It’s the sound of all their hopes and dreams being destroyed along with their trashy stadium. It’s the sound of Mike McCoy running to a rebuilding team and begging them for the chance to be a position coach. It’s the sound of the franchise flocking to another city, while they are booed relentlessly for their recent lack of success. The only thing that can be seen as a positive is that the stink will be gone from the city of San Diego.
Jason Garrett – Dallas – Record 4-9
The run is over for the Redheaded step-child of the Dallas Cowboys. How can a team that made it to the playoffs last year be so awful just a year later? It is one of the worst turn arounds that I have ever seen. It was made worse by the fact that your 35 year old star quarterback threw 3 interceptions (two of them for touchdowns) and then broke his collarbone for the second time this year. It’s over, and there really isn’t a single thing you can do to pull this thing together.
Mike Pettine – Cleveland – Record 3-10
I don’t blame Mike Pettine for this failure. I blame the ownership. Mike Pettine wanted to draft Derek Carr. But the owner overrode the decision and brought shame to the city in the form of white trash, alcoholic, Texas A&M drop out Johnny Manziel. I sincerely hope that Mike Pettine gets a job for a team that doesn’t have idiot leadership, I sincerely hope that Jimmy Haslam goes back to running Flying J and leaves the football business to someone that isn’t completely inept, and most of all, I sincerely hope that Johnny Manziel pulls it together. A turnaround isn’t out of  the cards for Mike Pettine, but I doubt that Manziel can resist the urge of letting his team down.

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