Party Like Its 1985

The Kansas City Royals haven’t lost a playoff game since 1985!

And now they’re in the Fall Classic after trumping all challengers in the American League. The Royals are your proud winners of the 2014 American League Championship Series, AKA the AL pennant. They took the series by sweeping the Baltimore Orioles the same way they took care of business versus everyone else that has stood in their path this October. The Royals took it to’em for four straight games: two late game melt downs from the Oriole bullpen coupled with two 2-1 victories at Kauffman Stadium proved enough for the Kansas City faithful to use their brooms out for something other than high school football hazing rituals or cleaning the floors. Now the folks in the Ozarks have their TVs tuned into baseball instead of Cops, Jerry Springer reruns, or reality TV.

For what it’s worth mentioning, KC dominated throughout the series- the O’s held the lead for something like only two innings the entire series. This was a performance reminiscent of Jayson Thibault on the golf course for match play or a skins game…

Outfielder Lorenzo Cain showed the world that he is a player and he can also crush a lot. He was good enough for a .533 series avg (8-15), plating 5 runs, and making some pretty fucking amazing catches. He got the ALCS MVP even with Kevin Herrera and Wade Davis having been lights out from the bullpen or closer Greg Holland collecting saves in all four games.

Of course the best part of Kansas City advancing to the Series is the underdog story. By winning the pennant the Royals showed us that this Cinderella is still down to do the dirty with prince whoever whoever for at least another four games before turning into the wart-faced, dumpy, small market, midwestern ball club with uniforms that look like they’re the knock-off Dodgers that we all know and love.

Then again, they could just win the whole friggin’ thing and that glass slipper might fit better than Ari’s bandwagon yarmulke.

Everyone should be on the KC bandwagon right now. Okay, yes there are only three teams still playing but also because- let’s be honest, when the playoffs started who knew anything about these janky-ass Royals?

I would have been good for just a little more than jack shit! And I’m someone who watches a damn near embarrassing amount of MLB. I knew they had “Big Game” James Sheids because of the trade with Tampa. I knew they had Jeremy Guthrie because of all the dumb shit he does. I thought the infield was Salvador Perez behind the plate, Billy Butler, Omar Infante at second, some shortstop from the Caribbean, and that one guy with the really Greek name- that was all I had when I got asked at the start of October…

The outfield?! Outside of Alex Gordan- no clue (in my defense, I do watch a lot more National League). I remember Josh Willingham when he was with the Mets and Marlins, Nori Aoki could have been the name of Sam Tripoli’s favorite Japanese “massage” technique for all I knew, and (not to sound racist or anything) if not for the names and numbers on the jerseys, I  couldn’t tell if it was Lorenzo Cain or Jarrod Dyson or any other outfielder making the play at the wall.

Anyways, the way these Royals have played their gritty, relentless style of baseball throughout an undefeated October- Kansas City has gotten baseball fans taking notice of manager Ned Yost’s club and their approach on offense at the plate and on base. They lead all MLB in stolen bases this year and have kept it up for the playoffs. They are also the highest scoring team this postseason without really relying on the long ball the way St. Louis has done in the NL.




ORIOLES               ROYALS

(KC wins 4 – 0)

Game 1: KC 8 – BAL 6  Final/10

Game 2:  KC 6 – BAL 4  Final

Game 3: BAL 1 – KC 2 Final

Game 4: BAL 1 – KC 2 Final



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