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Let's Be Cops

Should Have Been Ghosts – Let’s Be Cops Review

I was hyped on this one. This buddy cop comedy had the makings of greatness. They even slapped on the R rating which always makes me even more hopeful. It’s seriously got a lot of things going for it. Two upcoming actors that are hilarious. Some solid cameo appearances. Sexy ass Nina Dobrev (The Vampire

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FANTASY FOOTBALL: Powerful WR ranks, tiers & notes

Fantasy Season is upon us and here @punchdrunk fantasy we’re cookin’ with gas and firin’ up some Wide Receiver speculation for the 2014 fantasy football season. Youth vs. Experience. Talent vs. Opportunity. Injury Concern vs. Huge Upside. Wide-out has it all and we’re breaking it down… Wide receiver, this year, is a port in the

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Eddie Alvarez to Co Main UFC 178

@mister3mma on twitter Bellator aka Viacom MMA, headed by former Strikeforce CEO has released it’s 155lb champ Eddie Alvarez. Within Hours the UFC had signed the Champ and matched him up with top 5 fighter Donald Cerrone. A great addition after loosing the Bones/Cormier main event.


1st Round Playoff Preview and Season Recap

Season Recap The 2014 WNBA season is in the books and the top teams are set to begin the Playoffs late in the week. A historic season that saw recently retired San Antonio Stars guard Becky Hammon get hired as one of the Spurs Assistant coaches. The first woman bench coach in the league. The

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MMA Quick Hits

@mister3mma on twitter -UFC 177 might be the least hyped event this year. Headlined by a rematch between T.J. Dillashaw versus Renan Barao, few wanted or expected this immediate rematch for the strap, after T.J. Dominated & finished Barao in their last match up earlier this year. Should be interesting to see what the PPV

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Featured Podcast: ClipCast with Sam Tripoli

Keep up with ClipCast. The Best Clippers Podcast. Period.. Follow them through social media: Steve Ballmer is here.  Hear the difference.  Punchdrunk’s Sam Tripoli AKA Sambonie joins Wylde and Jaglin for a brand new ClipCast where Ballmer admits he loves Larry.

College Pick

College Pick Em

College Pick ‘Em, Fantasy Game Punch Drunk Sports Password- dildocorn   HOW TO PLAY. a. General. The objective of the Promotion is to accumulate the most points by correctly selecting the “winning team” for each U.S. college football game offered during the fourteen (14) weeks of the Promotion Period: Week 1 (Sat., Aug. 30) Week

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College Football Challenge

College Football Challenge, Fantasy Game Punch Drunk Sports Password- dildocorn   HOW TO PLAY. a. General. The objective of the Promotion is to select a roster of eight (8) college football players to accumulate the most points (see “Scoring” below) over the course of the Promotion Period. Entrants may choose a conference to play in,

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NFL Preview FAQ: AFC East

    With the season just a couple weeks away, we’re going to preview each division starting with the AFC East. This is part one of Punch Drunk Sports NFL Preview.   AFC EAST 1. New England Last Season: 13-5 (Lost in AFC championship to Denver) So New England is going to win the division

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Where is GLORY?

I am a fan of mixed martial arts. It was the origin of the combat sport rabbit hole I am currently traveling through. I found GLORY last year on Spike and really enjoyed it. Late June was the last GLORY event, a dual event featuring a 4 man featherweight contender tournament and Mirko Cro Cop

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UFC Fight Night 47: Magic In Maine

@mister3mma on twitter The cappo de tutti cappi of the UFC, Dana White, loves to vacation in the sleepy state of Maine. He has a house in the hippest city there, Bangor, which was featured in Anthony Bourdain’s show “No Resvervations” On Saturday August 16th, he gave those yankneck’s ( redneck Yankees) the thrill of

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NFL Preseason Winners And Losers

The NFL is upon us ladies and gentleman. We may have only been waiting 6 months, but it’s felt like a lifetime since I’ve had the joy of watching 22 modern day gladiators bash their brains into pre-Parkinsons mush. Much like a husband who’s been away from his mistress for too long, I’m bursting at

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The Top Five Craziest Waves Surfed at Teahupo’o

In honor of the ASP event, the Billabong Pro Tahiti, which is slated to start sometime this week, I’m going to examine my top 5 favorite waves ridden at this violent little reef break called Teahupo’o (Pronounced “Cho-Po”). The name Teahupo’o loosely translates to English as “to sever the head” or “place of skulls”. One

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Friend w/Benefits or Fuck Buddy?

Okay guys there is a major difference between “friends with benefits” and “fuck buddies” I’m going to explain to you the difference and give you a chance to decide for yourself which one sounds better to you! Friends with Benefits: These are people who where friends first, and for whatever reason never hooked up ie.

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FANTASY FOOTBALL: Powerful RB rankings, tiers & notes

Fucking running backs. Whether it be investing in the high-end of upside of 2013 CJ Spiller at 7th overall or picking the guarantee of a work horse like Larry Johnson #3 in 2007, RB is the most pivotal and frustrating position in fantasy. There is tons of buzz around WR’s in fantasy drafts this year,

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