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Pound 4 Pound: Rest of Season Rankings – Quarterback

Half of the NFL Season is behind us and the Fantasy Playoffs are on the horizon, that means its the time of year teams are looking to beef up line-ups for the home stretch. With 8 weeks of fantasy football knowledge under our belts, Punch Drunk’s crack team of Researchers and Scienticians have scoured the tape and combed through

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Week 8: Punch Drunk Sports Fantasy Football – Toe 2 Toe Breakdown

Hinchcliffe Winners lose. Falcoholics and Grits n’ Gravy comes down to the last play on Sunday. Corndogs winning streak stalls. The Dildocorns are back in the win column… but who the fuck cares ’cause:   SAM TRIPOLI LOVES BLACK COCK and hes gonna let people know it. As always, hit me up @BigTDobbs and don’t forget

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Sunday Ticket

2014 NFL Sunday Ticket Report – Week 8

Started early this Sunday, first game in London with a favorable start time, 9am/6am in the States. Falcons lost a heartbreaker to the Lions. Check on your buddy @theteeb   Featured Game- Indianapolis Colts vs Pittsburgh Steelers (TV Markets- Shown everywhere except West Coast and Cleveland)   Best Game- Philadelphia Eagles vs Arizona Cardinals (TV

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Bag of Bets: Sam vs Teeb

Sam Tripoli versus The Teeb. Florida St against Notre Dame. Another Bag of Bets classic matchup as the guys cheer on both schools hoping to not be on the losing end of this one! Loser did a 5 photo Playboy style spread!!! #Classic

Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall

NFL Week 8 Picks

  My God, we’re in Week 8 already?! This season is blowing by way too fast… Week 8 picks: Bye Week: New York Giants, San Francisco 49ers, anyone who bet either of those teams last week Detroit @ Atlanta My theory on this game’s 6 AM PST start is that the NFL is pushing the

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Punch Drunk Sports Ep 106: Teeb Vs Tripoli Bag of Bets

Sam vs Teeb, a Bag of Bets for the ages. Who won? Who is going to do the seductive Playboy spread? Sam vs Teeb, a Bag of Bets for the ages. Who won? Who is going to do the seductive Playboy spread? Punch Drunk on Itunes Punch Drunk on Stitcher Punch Drunk on SoundCloud:

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Punch Drunk’s Featured Podcast: The Triple Option

Armin, Tommy and Law talk about the college football playoff committee’s human error potential, Florida’s woes: Muschamp is a comedy errors Was this Clint Trickett and Dana Holgorsen of West Virginia coming out party? Is Bryce Petty a system QB? Why are we still talking about the Notre Dame game-ending penalty? Why aren’t people talking

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Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning leaves field after being defeated by the Seattle Seahawks in the NFL Super Bowl XLVIII in East Rutherford

Thursday Night Football: San Diego @ Denver

San Diego @ Denver Holy shit, a Thursday night game worth watching! After Seattle lost Sunday morning, I pretty much checked out of watching any more football the rest of the day. However, after enduring a few hours of Niner fans taking to social media to cheer on the Seattle demise, it was fairly satisfying

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Punch Drunk Sports Featured Podcast: Puck Off w/ Joe Bartnick and Frazier Smith

Check out Punch Drunk’s Favorite Hockey Podcast, Puck Off with Joe and Frazier! The boys break down Week One in the NHL!!!


F’ That Listen To This…… Busta Rhymes – Calm Down Featuring Eminem

Busta Rhymes – Calm Down Featuring Eminem I’m gigging Jayson Thibault and Kyle Ray all day everyday this weekend in La Jolla! It’s time to cause some crime on stage and this song is what goes through my head as I walk to the stage. I’m going for a high body count!


Damn That’s My Shit……. “Ultimate Thug Life Compilation”

“Ultimate Thug Life Compilation” Be careful what you say around your kids or they’ll go straight Ghetto on your ass!!

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Kelly Slater Breaks His Surfboard After Losing in Round 3 at Portugal Moche Pro

It’s official! The world title race is going to come down to Banzai Pipeline, Hawaii. The Portugal Moche Pro event was epic, with major upsets, and a top world rankings shuffle. Unfortunately, Kelly Slater lost early in the event — and luckily for Slater — so did Gabriel Medina. This left Mick Fanning with an

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Week 7: Punch Drunk Sports Fantasy Football – Toe 2 Toe Breakdown

Week 7 is in the rear-view and Hinchcliffe Winners, Grits n’ Gravy and Girth Raider keep on rolling. Hinchcliffe and his Winners made it past the MexicanEditors with a narrow win to remain on top of #PDSfootball, but Grits n’ Gravy continued their winning ways by ousting the commish & Coach MK to keep pace

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World Series: Tale of the Tape

Thankfully, Kansas City is able to get one more World Series in before the Ebola virus starts to keep people away from the ball park more than any players’ strike or steroid use ever did. The 2014 Fall Classic could very well be a sign of the end of the world, right? It’s (finally) the

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Punch Drunk Sports’ “Fight Of The Week!!!” Pregnant Chicks Throw Down!

Two Pregnant Ladies Fight Over The Same Babies Daddy!

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