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2015 Fantasy NBA Final Standings

Thank you fans for playing our Fantasy NBA game   Final Standings Champion- Coach MK, 97 Sac Tit, 86 Sacramento Majik, 81 Punch Drunk Sports  


2015 NHL Round 1 Playoff Predictions

Joe Bartnick  –  Host of Puck Off 1st Round Playoff PIcks Eastern Conference- NY Rangers vs Pittsburgh Penguins The Rangers are the best team in the East and the once powerful Penguins are limping into the series. The Rangers have the best defense in the East ( McDonagh, Girardi, Staal ,Klein) and a well balanced

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#130 We’re Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Lloyd-Zahui B

Early Entry – 2015 WNBA Draft Preview

Watch the 2015 WNBA Draft on Thursday April, 16, 7pm ET, ESPN2   Imagine your Jenny Boucek, coach of the Seattle Storm… The season just wrapped for the ladies with Connecticut and Coach Geno Auriemma tying the legendary John Wooden with his 10th National Championship. And less than 10 days later you have two of

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F’ That Listen To Listen- Zack De La Rocha & Dj Shadow – March Of Death

March Of Death Produced as a teaser for a planned collaboration between DJ Shadow and Zack de la Rocha on the latter’s solo album, this track was released for free download in March 2003

NBA Playoffs

NBA Playoffs Fantasy Game

Join the Punch Drunk Sports, NBA Playoffs Fantasy Game   Each day, select one (1) player from any playoff squad and you’ll receive points from each Point, Rebound, and Assist.  Players can only be used ONCE during the playoffs   Punch Drunk Sports Password- dildocorn



Ok, I know everyone is assuming Kovalev or Beterbiev will walk right through Stevenson if they catch him, but I gotta say I am not so sure. Adonis clearly showed he can take a punch better than his reputation, as he walked straight through Bika’s shots. Now, Pascal is iron chinned, and Kovalev still knocked

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Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski (R) of the Duke Blue Devils talks with referee Pat Driscoll.

(Photo by Lance King/Getty Images)

Failure to reverse Duke-Wisconsin call highlights need for NCAA replay change

How? How do you blow that call? That was the question all viewers but the most demented of the Cameron Crazies were left with after officials failed to award possession to Wisconsin following the replay review of a blown call near the end of Monday’s NCAA basketball championship game. The NCAA’s head of officiating emerged

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Tourney Recap

2015 Tournament Challenge Final Standings

Thank you everyone that played the 2015 PDS Tournament Challenge Leagues, here are the top finishers:   Tournament Challenge ashecounty, 1290 ScottsdaleArizona, 1280 Poutineater, 1270 Teeb is a Crack W.hore, 1240 IRISH, 1220   Women’s Tournament Challenge TurdInTheFartFunnel, 1530 Coach MK, 1440 Deathsquad KY, 1390   Second Chance Bracket Coach MK, 680 alf money, 480

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#129 Homoerotic Tales of Friendship w/ John… I mean Jon Huck!

It’s time for another episode of Punch Drunk Sports and you know what that means Ari’s naked! We welcome All Things Comedy and Comedy Central DIGITAL Jon Huck to the show. Jon loves the Cubs and that’s it! We discuss the Tripoli impending hit off of Ari’s fart funnel, everyone’s ranking on the Roast Battle’s

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The International Bad Boys Hour EP 7: It’s Donut Time With Erik Meyers and Capt Ross

The International Bad Boys Hour The International Bad Boys are back and they have a new sponsor….Donut Time!!!!! Donut Time located at 6785 Santa Monica Blvd Los Angeles, CA, they have a wide selects of donuts, pastries and transexual hookers! The boys welcome the one and only Comedian Erik Myers to the studio. Erik tells

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Opening Day 2015 Quicky Recap

Opening day, one of the best days of any American’s year is finally here.  Anyone that says its the best day of the year can go fuck themselves.  Like, seriously, its not better than Super Bowl Sunday, the Sunday Game of Thrones is back,  Christmas, or Jewish Christmas.  Anyway, here’s a super quick recap that anyone

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Money cashes in at UFC Fight Night 63

@RWR_3 on Twitter Fairfax, Virginia saw the rare UFC matinee today. A prospective featherweight #1 contender fight between Chad Mendes and Ricardo Lamas headlined the afternoon affair. First off, there was a middleweight between Ron Stallings and Justin Jones. Stallings landed a side kick affected Jones early. Afterwards, Jones  pressed Stallings against the cage, looking

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The Machine breaks down

@RWR_3 on Twitter GLORY 20 aired at 10:00 PM for us here on the east coast of the United States. But, GLORY 20 was shot from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. GLORY 20’s start is 6:00 AM there. Now, I might be a person inclined to be (semi-) conscious at dawn’s ass crack to watch GLORY,

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Adonis Stevenson vs Sakio Bika This is actually the most dangerous fight Bika has taken in style-matchups since he has become champion. Dawson and Cloud were good fighters, but sitting ducks for his power. Superman will probably not have the concussive force necessary to stop Bika, although his boxing skills are superior. What he has

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