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Alright whinny America, are you done crying about Adrian Peterson disciplining his kid? In one breath we bitch about the youth not having respect for adults and in our next breath we yell at someone for spanking a kid throwing a tantrum. I’m not saying beat the shit out of your kid, but a spanking

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Sam Tripoli headlines the House of Comedy in Phoenix AZ!

Hey Arizona, I’m headlining the House of Comedy in North Phoenix all week w/ Gareth Reynolds and Pauly Cassillas! TICKETS AVAILABLE AT HOUSEOFCOMEDY.NET

Julio Jones

Thusday Night Football: Tampa Bay @ Atlanta

Tampa Bay @ Atlanta   After watching the Falcons take down the Saints in Week 1, it seemed like maybe the Falcons were poised to be the comeback team of the season. Julio Jones was dominant with seven catches for 116 yards, Henry Douglas and Roddy White combined for 11 catches and 141 yards…hell, even

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Punch Drunk Sports #101

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Waiver Wire

Waiver Wire for Winners – Week 2

Waiver Wire for Winners is a column to help you sift through the remains following your leagues early week waiver run and take advantage. Panic is setting in; now is the time to stash talent – Winners don’t panic. Even in the face of whatever we want to call the shit storm that is the NFL right now.

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Week 2: Punch Drunk Sports Fantasy Football – Toe 2 Toe Breakdown

Week 2 is in the books and as quickly as Teeb was crowned champ following Week 1, an absolutely insane week of injuries has everyone scrambling and no clear favorites emerging. As always all Punch Drunk Fantasy Football leagues and group standings can be found below. Hit me up @BigTDobbs to argue about fantasy football

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Wilin’ Out for MLB Postseason

Last night the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim made like Thibault’s butt cheeks before he goes on stage and clinched. For their efforts the Halos got them a spot in the MLB playoffs. They also served as a reminder to just how shitty calling a team the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim really is! Anyways,

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The ASP Title Hunt Heats Up Between Kelly Slater and Gabriel Medina

The pressure is on for Gabriel Medina, as Kelly Slater closes in at the Trestles Hurley Pro. With seven stops completed on the ASP tour, so far, Gabriel Medina is still the world number one in the ASP rankings. However, Kelly Slater, who is up from 5th to 2nd place in the world standings, goes

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Sam Tripoli is headlining The House of Comedy in PHX w/ Gareth Reynolds and Paul Casillas!si

Hey Az, I’m headlining the new House of Comedy in Az with my boys Gareth Reynolds and Paul Casillas all this week! Tickets available at


The Official 100th Episode of Punch Drunk Sports on All Things Comedy!

Since Ari is in studio, and the show is ‘back on track’, we consider this the 100th episode of Punch Drunk Sports! Ari Rips The Fat Man A New Asshole: Punch Drunk on Itunes:!/id624962786?i=318779866 Punch Drunk on Stitcher: Punch Drunk on Youtube: Punch Drunk on Sound Cloud:


Vicente Jr Straight Kills it w/ A Punch Drunk Instant Classic “Lights!”

Instant Classic!!!!!


Colombian women’s cycling team smooth beaver uniform are causing quite an erection… I mean a reaction! “The Colombian women’s cycling team were meant to be showing the world what they were made of as they posed in their new kit this week. But they appeared to show a little too much as all eyes were drawn to the bizarre new flesh-coloured design stretching across their lower torso. As the smiling

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So, we missed on Ray Rice

The previous week has been fostered a lot of discussion and, with that, flawed logic. TMZ dropped the video of Ray Rice knocking his wife into unconsciousness early Monday morning, inflaming once again the discussion of domestic violence and anger at the NFL when it came to Rice’s suspension in response to his actions in

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2014 NFL Sunday Ticket Report – Week 2

Featured Game- Kansas City vs. Denver Broncos (TV Markets- LA, Dal)   Game of the Week- New Orleans Saints vs. Cleveland Browns (Top TV Markets- Louisiana, No. Ohio). Browns defense slowed down Brees and Hoyer keeps his job one more week with the game winning drive. There was even a Johnny Football sighting. Back to

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Week 2 NFL Picks

Week 2 Picks!   Miami @ Buffalo I’m unsure if this the season where the Bills start 2-0 before letting down their fans or if this is the season where the Dolphins start 2-0 before letting down their fans. Why I’m dwelling on that, I’ll throw out this quick anecdote from football last week. I

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