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#183 Puberaham Lincoln

Sam pays off his Pube Beard Bag of Bets, Teeb has 1 week to pay off Whitney, NBA playoffs, UFC 200 and 202. We go through the Bag of Bets to do a spot check, and 3 Episodes is the over/under on when Teeb kills himself. Punch Drunk is, for the most part, a sports

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Warriors vs. Thunder betting preview

I don’t gamble. Seriously, I don’t. I don’t believe in ghosts, or the power of four leaf clovers and rabbit’s feet (What kind of sicko made that a thing? “Hey a bunny rabbit! I’m thinking I should lop off its feet and sell em’ as key chains at truck stops!”). I don’t think walking under

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Ricky Gervais’ funniest, most disgusting Instagram posts

Best known for creating and starring in The Office, British comedian/director/actor/writer Ricky Gervais is the winner of dozens of awards for his work in TV and film, and is widely considered one of Hollywood’s sharpest wits. And that’s why his Instagram account is so damn disturbing. For years now, Gervais has published the most vile,

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Johnny Manziel needs a roommate

Johnny Manziel is having some trouble finding a roommate. Not long ago Manziel was taped outside of “The Nice Guy” nightclub in Los Angeles where he claimed that he was living with Broncos defensive end and fellow Texas A&M alumni Von Miller. Not long after this video went viral, Von Miller came out and denied the claims. However,

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FA Cup Final Preview: Manchester United vs. Crystal Palace

The Premier League season may be over, but there is one game left to play in English soccer: the FA Cup final. Soccer’s oldest tournament will be held at Wembley Stadium and it will see Manchester United (-133) take on Crystal Palace (+426). While it may not be as prestigious as it once was, the

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Tripoli is headlining the Tampa Improv June 2nd to 4th!

Super excited to be back in Tampa to get weird at the Tampa Improv! I love the Tampa and the Tampa Improv on of my favorites! Get Your Tickets Now At! Sam Tripoli Stand-up Comedian Practitioner of the Deadly Art of Comedy, Sam Tripoli views comedy as a calling rather a profession. It’s a

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Angels at Orioles September 16,  2011

Braves player has chicken bone removed from throat at hospital, misses game

PITTSBURGH – Baseball players choke all the time. Blowing saves, whiffing and flailing at wild pitches, dropping pop ups — it happens. Atlanta Braves shortstop Erick Aybar choked in the more traditional sense today, when he was scratched from a game against the Pittsburgh Pirates to have a chicken bone removed from his throat, according to Mark

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Recalled bicycle’s front wheel can ‘separate’ from frame

The front wheels on nearly 80,000 bicycles sold in the United States and Canada could “come to a sudden stop or separate from the bicycle,” according to a product recall announced today. This poses “a risk of injury to the rider,” the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said in a release. Uh, no shit. The WTF! Faceplant 9000 (our

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Which NFL teams have the cheapest beer?

The Atlanta Falcons were duly applauded this week for announcing new, fan-friendly concessions prices. Two bucks for a soda (with free refills), $2 for a hot dog — how great is that? Under the new pricing schemes, a family of four can make “typical game day purchases” for less than $28, according to a Falcons

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Punch Drunk podcast #182: ‘Pizza Sleepover’ with Gareth Reynolds

Comedian/actor Gareth Reynolds joins hosts Sam Tripoli and Jayson Thibault to talk the NBA Playoffs, UFC 198 and the homoerotic slumber parties of Thibault’s childhood on this episode of the Punch Drunk podcast. Also on the show: Gay Jesus calls in to woo Gareth. Jayson and Gareth talk like medieval sports announcers, and it makes The Fight Nanny‘s face hurt.

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MayaVP: WNBA season opener recap

WNBA MVP candidate Maya Moore started the season with a great performance and put her name at the top of the list. The league tipped off their historic 20th season with a nationally televised game featuring hoops heavyweights, the Phoenix Mercury, and the defending champions Minnesota Lynx. Any talk of the Mercury’s top spot in

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Lenny Dykstra’s Twitter is effing insane

Legendary baseball player Lenny Dykstra, a.k.a. “Nails,” got himself a Twitter account earlier this month, and it’s a fucking trip. In case you’re unfamiliar with Dykstra, here’s a quick overview of his glorious career. Three-time MLB All-Star selection In 1986, at age 23, Dykstra batted lead-off for the World Series champion New York Mets Traded to

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Fight Fallout: UFC 198 Werdum vs. Miocic

UFC 198 in Curitiba was the most ambitious event the UFC has ever put on in Brazil. It took place in a 45,000 seat soccer stadium and it featured many of Brazil’s past and present heroes. Let’s take a look at the fallout UFC 198 left in its wake. Stipe Miocic New heavyweight champion “Stone Cold”

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20 Years of Hoops: 2016 WNBA season preview

When the WNBA tips off this weekend it will reach a milestone that many didn’t anticipate back in 1996 when the league was formed: 20 years of basketball. The WBNA will start its second decade of operations this week with a marquee nationally televised matchup between the game’s top two teams, the Minnesota Lynx and Phoenix Mercury. The

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premier league preview

Premier League Week 38 preview: Champions League, Europa League spots up for grabs

The final weekend of Premier League action is upon us. While the relegation battle is settled, the Champions League and Europa League spots are very much up for grabs. From second down to eighth, nothing has been decided. Let’s take a look at the last matches of the season. Arsenal (-585) vs Aston Villa (+1460) This

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Punch Drunk is, for the most part, a sports podcast. Sure we will get off subject and discuss which UFC fighter you LEAST wanna get raped by. But its a sports podcast.

With 3 headlining stand-up comics and sometimes friends. Ari Shaffir, Sam Tripoli, and Jayson Thibault all met at the Comedy Store and have been friends for over 11 years. All 3 are stand-up comics and big sports fans.

This podcast is their sports thoughts, arguments, stories, fights, and bets! The Podcast Tribune called Punch Drunk "an asian massage for the real sports fans".

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