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2015 NFL Betting Picks and Team Previews brought to you by BetDSI Part 1!

The Seattle Seahawks The Seattle Seahawks begin the 2015 season as one of the top contenders to win Super Bowl 50. The Seahawks won the Super Bowl two years ago and were a play away from winning it last season.  Even with all of their recent success, the team did not sit still in the

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Rest In Peace Rowdy Roddy Pipper, We’re Going To Miss You!

  Rowdy Roddy Piper is one of the greatest wrestlers to ever enter the squared circle! I always loved the bad guys.  Being entertaining while pissing everyone off is an art form and Piper was a master! I LOVED PIPER’S PIT….. ….the original podcast! One of the greatest comedic moments in my life was when

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What Dillashaw-Barao II means for the UFC bantamweight division

T.J. Dillashaw and Renan Barao fought an anticipated rematch in Chicago last Saturday, and their thrilling performance had interesting implications for the future of the bantamweight division. Overall, the UFC’s trip to Chicago yielded a great main card of fights with some impressive finishes, but the rematch between Dillashaw and Barao was what we all tuned in to see.

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Punch Drunk Sports fantasy football quarterback rankings

…IT’S TIME!!!! It’s that time of year again and Punch Drunk Fantasy is more excited than Ari on free sour candy night at Super Pussy … but Thai crotch darts aside, it is the absolute best time of the year: Draft Season.

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#143 Shirts Vs Skins


Report: Mexico coach Miguel Herrera fired after allegedly hitting reporter

That didn’t take long. Just a day after being accused of hitting a Mexican TV reporter at an airport, Mexico coach Miguel Herrera has been canned by the Mexican soccer federation, according to ESPN’s John Sutcliffe. While the alleged incident was not a tremendous surprise given Herrera’s reputation for rambunctiousness, the news of his firing is especially

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Video: USMNT’s Stuart Holden battles back from injury without cynicism

A victim of two of the nastiest challenges you’ll see, a vicious night club attack and many knee injuries, U.S. national team veteran Stuart Holden has every reason to be cynical. But he’s not. At all. This documentary short by Arch Rivals shows a player determined to step back into the midfield for club and country. Holden

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The Naughty Show Live August 6th w/ Joe Rogan, Steve Rannazzisi, Tiffany Haddish and Ms Dakota & Les Bells!

The Naughty Show is live August 6th at W Hollywood Hotel w/ Comedy by….. Joe Rogan Steve Rannazzisi Tiffany Haddish We’ve got burlesque from the LA Weekly #1 Burlesque troupe, Ms Dakota & Les Bellz plus music by DJ Joe Gretto The Naughty Show is proud to announce that the Naughty Show is powered by

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Video: 90-year-old baseball player better than you

Baltimore’s George Breckenridge hits homers, plays drums, ice skates and drives. And if that doesn’t impress you, it should. Breckenridge is 90 years old and has been playing baseball for seven decades, WBALTV reports. Just like all upright 90 year olds, Breckenridge is asked for longevity tips by every neurotic 40-something, and his advice is simple.

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Semi-truck jumps 166 feet, sets ‘Murica record

Daredevil Gregg Godfrey set two records over the weekend when he jumped a 166-foot gap in a star spangled semi-truck. One for distance, and the other for the most red blooded, gun totin’, commie hatin’, ‘Murica loving, NASCAR, football, baby Jesus thing to happen since George Washington splooged forth this nation, spilling his seed from

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Does the UFC already have today’s GSP and Anderson Silva?

Does the UFC already have today’s Georges St-Pierre and Anderson Silva? If it does, only MMA’s hardcore fans are aware of them. If Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey are the UFC’s candy glaze, the meat and potatoes are its flyweight and bantamweight champions, largely ignored by the organization unless it is promoting an imminent card

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Sign up for Punch Drunk Sports fantasy football

Sign up for Punch Drunk Sports fantasy football by August 15 to join us for the 2015 season. And don’t worry — we won’t blow up your inbox! Loading…

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Video: Golfer kills bird with errant drive

  “It killed the bird.” And how. Watch as some guy on some golf course near the ocean Randy Johnsons one right into the heart of a gull. Happy Gilmore said it best.  


What to watch for: Dillashaw vs. Barao II + UFC on FOX main card

  Rejoice people! The MMA gods have blessed us with a free UFC card on Fox this Saturday. The main card has fights that appeal to both casual and hardcore fans. Here is what you should be looking out for this Saturday during the main card:   Joe Lauzon(-240) vs Takanori Gomi(+200): Two men who

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Classic PDS: The Dildocorn!!!

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